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ATTENTION: In recent months, several U.S. and Canadian cricket growers have been affected by a cricket virus. In order to keep our crickets disease free, we have suspended sales of all other feeder insects until further notice. OUR CRICKETS ARE DISEASE FREE AND STILL AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE. Please note that this virus only affects the acheta domestica cricket and is harmless to other insects and pets in the event they are exposed to it.

If the lows in your area are below 35 degrees at any time during shipping then you must choose the winter heat pack option to receive the live delivery guarantee.

Your order will be delivered USPS priority mail. Please make arrangements so that you can either accept the package at the time of delivery or have a suitable location for the mail carrier to leave it. Extreme temps and direct sunlight will kill superworms. If you have concerns about home delivery, consider having your order shipped to your place of employment or have it held at your local post office. To have an order held, simply put “HOLD AT POST OFFICE” in your shipping address. Do not refuse or return your shipment. Refunds will not be given for returned packages.

Temporarily Unavailable