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About Us is the online home of Canton Wholesale Bait, LLC.  Our company was established in 1987 and has been serving customers nationwide ever since. We offer quality feeder insects to wholesale distributers, retailers, and to the public.

We are dedicated to providing you a convenient means of getting the live feeders that your pet needs.

We know bugs.
As our name suggests, Canton Wholesale Bait began as a cricket supplier for fishing bait. While we still maintain that facet of our business, we realize that pet owners have a different set of needs. If you are searching for nutritious feeder insects for your pet, look no further.

Since day one, raising quality crickets has been our top priority. We know that your pet is only as healthy as the food it eats. Today we remain committed to delivering a quality product at a fair price.

Our crickets are monitored carefully to ensure optimal health at every stage of their life cycle. Size selection is precise, and our packaging and delivery methods ensure that the product will arrive at its destination in excellent condition. We put that same level of dedication into all our feeder insects.

Family-owned and operated, we take pride in responding quickly to customer needs and building lasting business relationships.

Go ahead and give us a try. Satisfaction is guaranteed!